Traveling with a baby February 25 2015

Last summer my husband, son, and I went on a two week vacation to California and Florida.  This was the first time I was packing and flying with a toddler.  Now we have traveled with him in the car, but flying is a whole other story.  See when you drive, you can over pack and leave things in the car if you do not need it. However, when you fly, you have to be very creative, and hope you do not forget anything.  I started packing three (3) weeks (for my son) prior to us leaving. I made sure that I had clothing for all weather conditions.  It got so bad; I had to have my sister go through the bag to weed through what I did and did not need.  I even searched the internet for a checklist, so I can make sure I did not forget the essentials.  

Not only did I worry about not having enough clothing, I had to tote around a car seat and a stroller.  The good thing is that most airlines check your car seat and stroller for free at the gate. I also learned you can rent a car seat when renting a vehicle. 

Before we left for our adventure, he had a doctor’s appointment. I was able to consult with the Pediatrician, to see how I can make the plane ride more enjoyable for him.  She suggested that I could give him an Antihistamine twenty minutes prior to boarding the plane.  I suggest you consult with your doctor, to see what’s best for you child. 

Our first flight was at 6:30 am.  Parents I suggest that you take the earliest flight… that way they can sleep the majority of the way. I also suggest that you pack a carry-on bag filled with plenty snacks and toys.  Flying from Michigan to California was a five (5) hour flight. I tried to keep him on his normal schedule while being in a different time zone (extremely hard some days). 

He would be cranky not to mention he was teething too, which didn't make it any better.  One night his temperature reached 103 degrees while in San Diego, and there was no hospitals close by while staying at my sister-in-law’s house.  We had to drive a distance to get to the closest one.  Before taking him to the hospital, I gave him some Ibuprofen earlier in the day, which helped, so I had no cause for concern.  But reaching 103 was very alarming to me for a 13 month old.  The doctor barely assessed this situation, stating it maybe a cold… however, it was teething pain symptoms. After spending a week in San Diego we spent a week in Miami. 

This time the flight was going to be seven hours including a layover in Atlanta.  We took the first flight again, and he slept the whole flight to Atlanta, and entertained him for the short flight Florida.  One of the perks is that we stayed in a condo and all the amenities were at our disposal.  Unfortunately for me, I didn't need to pack all that I packed, we had a washer and dryer at both destinations, and if needed to I could wash. 

When it was time to go home, we took an afternoon flight.  This time it wasn't as pleasant as the first flights we took.  This time it was nap time and fighting his sleep was involved. At first, I was embarrassed, but all that went out the window, when I had to make him feel comfortable and safe.

People tend to forget, at one point and time, their child was unhappy and in an uncomfortable situation.  It’s unfortunate, but that’s life… and our children needs and happiness should always come first.

Image by AirplaneClipart