Vaccinations February 18 2015

Is the healthcare community doing enough, in educating the public about vaccinations?  Who should be responsible for children getting vaccinated?  Is it the doctors, nurses, social workers, American Medical Association (AMA) responsible for teaching parents about the cause and effects of getting vaccinated?  People have many feelings towards vaccinations. Some researchers have linked Autism to vaccinations.  Some have religious beliefs whether a child should be vaccinated. Where can we bridge the gap between real information vs. feelings or beliefs?

 A recent outbreak of measles at Disneyland sparked a controversy of who should or should not vaccinate their kids.  Is it fair to blame parents for not vaccinating their children? Is fair for parents to get angry at those who want each child to get vaccinated? 


 Generally, when you travel to other countries, regardless of your beliefs, you are required to get vaccinated, in order to enter their country.  Who holds us accountable for making sure each child is protected from many viruses? If children catch these communicable diseases, is the healthcare community able to treat these once rare diseases. 

 Keep in mind children in daycare facilities could be exposed to certain diseases.  What would you do if your child was in close contact with a child not vaccinated?  In this type of setting you as a parent would not be aware of a child medical condition.

 My husband and I decided to vaccinate our son.  Before each doctors visit, I research the vaccination he was scheduled to get.  I wanted to know the side effects, and what precaution I needed to take.  I always ask questions before administrating the medicine, to make sure the information I researched was accurate.  Ultimately the parents are responsible for keeping their children safe.

 There will always be conflict, when discussing vaccinations.  I believe everyone have the right to make the best decision for their family. I chose to get my son vaccinated, because I wanted to protect him and exposed him, so if contracted he would somewhat be immune.  Always trust your instinct; you know what’s best for your daughter/ son.  Everyone will have an opinion on what you should or should not do. 

                          How do you feel about getting your child getting vaccinated?

Image by Pinterest and Imgkid