Choosing a Daycare January 05 2015


   Let’s talk about picking the right daycare services to suit you and your baby needs. My late grandmother, used to watch all the children in our family.  We never had to worry about where we left our children during the day. We could relax knowing they were receiving the best care, and that you would be getting a wonderful home cooked meal when you came to pick them up.  The older my grandmother got, the less able she was able to help take care of the younger children, including my child. 

Before I decided I would be the primary caretaker, I was seven months pregnant, and started my journey of finding the right daycare. Again, I went to my best friend Google, for the best daycare center in my city.  I found a daycare center that was walking distance from my home.  I called and setup a tour with the daycare, to check out the cleanliness and how the staff was with the children.  I brought my mother along with me, for 1) moral support 2) she owns a daycare and knows what to look for. 

Before my meeting I googled questions to ask, so I wouldn’t miss the important ones or forget to ask something because you are overwhelmed with information.  Here is a list of questions I asked during my interview with a potential daycare center.  It seems like a lot, but you would want to almost interrogate them since you are trusting them to care for your child:

  • Do you hold spots?

  • What is the fee for holding a spot?

  • What is the charge for an infant?

  • Do you supply diapers? If no, when do you let the parent's know supplies are low? How do you track my diaper supply?

  • Am I able to drop in to observe my child at any time?

  • What are the policies for center closing?

  • Are all the teachers certified?

  • Have the teachers been trained in CPR?

  • Can I see the violations?

  • Is the daycare at full capacity?

  • What is the ratio for the infant room?

  • Do you supply formula? If not, when do you let the parent's know that  supplies are low?

  • Is the center locked during the day? Is there a code for the door?

  • Are you current on background checks?

I recommend you look up your state’s regulations, so you will know what’s to be expected of them and if they are upholding them. Make sure you take notes so you can review with your partner.  Go with your instincts, if you have a good/ or bad feeling about the daycare…..TRUST IT!